Wooden Bed Frame with Mattress


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  • Wooden Bed Frame
  • 60 x 75 x 6″ thick genfoam printed mattress by Dewfoam

Does not include:

  • pillows
  • bed sheet / cover


  1. Alfred

    Pls tell me when stocks available..we are in need also appliances

    • cac

      We sent you an email. Please check.

  2. Dhelma


    Is this instock and available for installment? I am from Cebu City. Thanks

    • cac

      In-House Installment Plans have limited availability. Please email us the following information:
      – your home address
      – your work address; please include position and employer

  3. Ralph Ariar

    Is Wooden Bed Frame with Mattress still available and how much if Wooden Bed Frame only without Mattress?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  4. May


    Do you give discounts for 2 or more purchases of your products? For Airconditioners, does the price includes installations? My area is at Guadalupe. Do you provide free delivery around that area?

    • cac

      In order to answer your questions properly, we need to know which items-models in particular.

      For aircons, please also provide room dimensions and number of persons and computers.

  5. Jeralyn deck

    Hi I’m in the United States I would like to order those beds. I let my brother to vesit your place do that he can check the item. If everything it’s ok I can pay through visa here

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  6. karyl_nice15

    how about this furniture? do you give discount as well?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  7. Joan Furaque

    Is this bed still available? Is it free delivery within Cebu City? Thanks

    • cac


      Please provide your exact address so we can determine if free delivery is possible.

  8. Lyn626

    Good day! If you goin buy this bed on the day of payment cash. Can you take it home straight way? Or you need to wait couples of days to delivered? Free to charge or you need to pay extra?

    • cac

      It depends on delivery address. Please provide delivery address.

  9. Tats


    Is this still available?


    • cac


  10. Raymond Montenegro

    Good day…pila ka day(s) ideliver human ug order? Free delivery in lapulapu area? If not how much? Thnx interested here

    • cac

      1) Item is usually delivered within 1-2 business days of payment.

      2) Please specify where in Lapu Lapu exactly.

  11. Chel

    Hi! Item still available? can i have a clear photo of this bed frame especially the headboard. Thanks.

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  12. Faye

    Hi it’s me again Faye I would like inquire about this bed is this bed still available I’m interested to buy please let me know if delivery is free to talisay since I will also get the Panasonic washing machine that I also inquire from you. Please let me know as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much

    • cac

      In stock. Please check your email. Mr. Alex Go has a question about your delivery address.

  13. Venj

    Hi, do you accept lay away plan? How much for queen size bed frame only?

    • cac

      Please check email.

  14. Noamie

    Do u guys has one like this in double size?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  15. lyn

    hi this is still available this bed…and is it free delivery,and have you got mattress for it.

    • cac

      In stock with mattress. About free delivery, please check your email.

  16. Emilia

    Hi,is this bed still available? Is this the fix price?if i buy refrigerator also can i have a free delivery to Tabuelan? Thank you!

  17. jho

    is there as double size for this? how much for double?

    • cac

      We will send you a reply about this on July 1 or 2, 2015.

      Please check for our second email sent on July 1, 2015 (Wednesday).

  18. lani

    hi, is this bed still available? is it possible to view this in shop at mandaue? where is the exact location please? thanks

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  19. lani

    hi, how much would you charge for delivery to Liloan? thanks

  20. lynn

    is the bed queen size? wooden with leather exterior? would like to buy the frame only. awaiting your response. thank you

    • cac

      Please check your email. We apologize for the late reply. Mr. Alex Go has been very busy this week.

      June 1, 2015 update – please check for second email with price of frame only.

      60″ x 75″ is considered as Queen-Size in the Philippines. The frame is wooden with leatherette covering.

  21. Pablo

    Hi, is there any outlet where I can check the bed before purchasing it? Thanks!

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  22. elena

    What kind of wood is the bed made off? Is it possible that we will only purchase the bed frame?

    Thank you

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  23. naya omega

    is this still on stock? any delivery charge for lapulapu? what kind of wood is this?


    • cac

      Please check your email.

  24. Geri

    How much if paid in cash? Please e-mail me the dimensions of this bed please. Thanks!

    • cac

      Width: 60″
      Length: 75″

      For cash price, please check your email.

  25. Geri

    Can this be assembled? Or this is delivered in one piece.

    • cac

      Our delivery personnel will assemble it on site.

  26. Myra

    hi. is this still available?

    • cac


  27. joven morales

    Hi, is this still available?

    • cac


  28. marina

    i would like to inquire from your good office ,if i can made to order a king sizebed mattress.thanks for the response

    • cac

      Yes, this is possible. Please check your email for more details.

  29. Patrick

    Hello, this wooden bed frame and mattress are still available? the price is still the same?

    • cac

      In stock. Price as listed.

  30. rodrigo amen

    sir, would like to inquire about the wooden bed frame with mattress(above picture) how much is the cash price and the dimension. hope to hear from your reply thank you for the attention.

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  31. Michael Julius Clitar

    Hi… this wooden bed is still availble?

    • cac

      Yes, it’s in stock.

  32. Cleo

    Hi,i would to order this if possible you can deliver tom on cod basis.i can send you the adress in lapulapu.pla do reply me with you tel number since im not in cebu now.


    • cac

      Mr. Alex Go has already answered this question over email.

  33. dette

    Hi if o order this will u deliver in manila?

    • cac

      Yes, but the freight is very expensive.

  34. Jean

    Hi Good Day’ would like to inquire if you have now Stock on Hand this Item WOODEN bed with MATTRESS. Looking forward for your quick response. Thank you

    • cac

      We sent you an email about this on Oct. 21, 2014 (Tuesday).

  35. charisa

    Is the mattress included with the wooden bed?

    • cac

      Yes. Mattress is included.

  36. Andy

    can they deliver larger King size ?

    • cac

      Bed Frame – max size is 60″ x 75″ for this manufacturer for this model.

      They can make larger than 60″ x 75″ mattresses, but not larger bed frame for this model.

  37. Lyn

    Hi, is this item available?

    • cac

      Item is not currently in stock at Cebu Appliance Center. It can be
      special ordered from the manufacturer.

  38. roy felix

    for example, if i order today, can get right away the product?

    • cac

      Payment has to be 100% completed first before items are released or delivered.

      For delivery, usually items are delivered one business day after payment is completed.

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