Panasonic 1.5 hp Deluxe Inverter Aircon Split Wall Type

42,999.00 39,999.00


Panasonic Split Type Wall Type Inverter Deluxe
Cooling Capacity 11020 KJ/h (3310 to 14400 Kj/h) EER 13.6
35% Energy Saving with ECONAVI
PATROL SENSOR – detects movenment in the room by adjusting airflow
and cuts down power consumption, when no one is in the room
Intelligent Inverter – Cuts power consumption by 60%
Nanoe G Air purifying System kills up to 99% Bacteria, viruses and moulds
Quiet Mode
High EER (as high as 13.6).
Blue Fins (Blue Coated Condenser).
R410A Refrigerant.


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