Panasonic 1.5 hp Deluxe Inverter Aircon Split Wall Type WITH AIRCON INSTALLATION SUBSIDY

42,999.00 39,999.00


Panasonic Split Type Wall Type Inverter Deluxe
Cooling Capacity 11020 KJ/h (3310 to 14400 Kj/h) EER 13.6
35% Energy Saving with ECONAVI
PATROL SENSOR – detects movenment in the room by adjusting airflow
and cuts down power consumption, when no one is in the room
Intelligent Inverter – Cuts power consumption by 60%
Nanoe G Air purifying System kills up to 99% Bacteria, viruses and moulds
Quiet Mode
High EER (as high as 13.6).
Blue Fins (Blue Coated Condenser).
R410A Refrigerant.

Panasonic will subsidize the installation cost, for example if you have
the electricals and drainage ready and copper pipe is within 10 feet,

instead of paying php 8500 to php 9000, you will only pay php 4500 to php 5000
subsidized amount is php 3500


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