Imarflex Cyclone Dish Dryer Sterilizer & Warmer


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– 120 minute timer
– Kills 99.9% of Germs & Bacteria
– Extra Large Capacity 8 – 12 sets
– Heat Resistant Transparent Cover
– Water Drip Tray

– Box-Package Dimensions:
W – approx. 42.5 cm
L – approx. 44 cm
H – approx. 34.5 cm


  1. balddr

    what’s the rated internal temperature?

    • cac

      We sent you an email. Please check.

      – The email address you provided is invalid. We received mail delivery failure notification in French?

  2. Andrew

    Volume capacity? Dimensions? Power usage? Maximum heat? Time to dry full load?

    • cac

      Right now, no display unit so we cannot determine interior capacity. Package dimensions and pictures have been added to product page.

      It says 8-12 sets. Right now, we are assuming it means 8-12 dinnerware sets. But we’re not really sure.

      Timer is up to 120 minutes. Maybe 2 hours for 8-12 sets.

  3. aj

    unsa man ni kadak a , masakto ang plato ani?

    • cac

      Regular-sized plates will fit.

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