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  1. dreddy

    Hello! Do you have available size
    upper layer – 36″ x 75″
    lower layer – 48″ x 75″
    for this design?

    • cac

      We sent you an email. Please check.

  2. Jobie

    How much if included ang mattresses up and down? And delivery payment here in Lapu-Lapu? Thanks

    • cac

      – Costs emailed.

  3. Cwdmaharan

    how much for this bed with mattresses delivered to San Fernando please.

    • cac

      – Costs emailed.

  4. Sandy

    How much is this with mattress with delivery in San Remigio?

  5. Margie Flores

    Ok I take it the DD0904 but how much including matress and delivery?

    • cac

      – Costs emailed.

  6. Rocelyn

    How much is this including the mattress?

    • cac

      Frame only cost – 9299 pesos
      + 4″ thick foam – 4900
      + 6″ thick foam – 6700

  7. rastageko

    Is this Item available? mo deliver mo Capitol area cebu city… unsay terms of Payment COD? or we need to visit your shop to pay… naa mo delivery charge? how much?

    • cac

      – Available at downtown main branch. Map @:
      – For other branches, please inquire first.

      200 pesos – Delivery Charge, per delivery (not per item).

      Payment – Please check your email.

  8. Singleshot Diocampo

    Hi, wala koy nadawat email ani:

    Singleshot Diocampo – June 5, 2017:
    pila to lapu2x, color pink, with mattress? thankks!

    • cac

      We sent an email to your second email and resent to your first email. Please check spam folder.

  9. Singleshot Diocampo

    pila to lapu2x, color pink, with mattress? thankks!

    • cac

      – Please check your email.

  10. Jonathan


    I’d like to know how much would it cost including the mattresses for up and down for DD0904. I am planning to buy soon…thank you.


    • cac

      Prices emailed.

  11. Emma

    Near pasig area available?

    • cac

      We do not have a branch in Manila.

  12. Mayeth

    How much if apil ang foam?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  13. aldwin

    How much if apil ang matress?thx

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  14. princess

    hi hm total if kasama ung matress …

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  15. Donna

    Hi may i know the total including the foams and delivery to eagles nest condo

    • cac

      Please provide the address of Eagles Nest Condo.

  16. Bradd

    Still available? Do you deliver? Thanks!

    • cac

      Available. Please provide delivery area.

  17. Benj

    How much if with matress?
    Asa dapit inyo showroom sa cebu? Thanks!

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  18. Ethel

    Pila pud ang total price niya with mattress? Modawat ba mo ug Citibank issued credit card nga 0% percent installment?

    Pila ang delivery charges para sa Moalboal?

  19. lovella rivera

    How much if naa na foam daan?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  20. lovella rivera

    If dha mo palit ug mga appliances sa inyoha how many days ang delivery?Lapu lapu city ang akoa house..I need this double deck bed,gas range with range hood,4 seater sala set.

    • cac

      We usually deliver within 1-2 business days, once payment has been confirmed.

  21. Mon


    This one can be dismantled? Can you give us quotation including the mattress and delivery charge to Liloan. and other charges if any.


    • cac

      Please check your email.

  22. jeje albeos

    Gud pm.. If I buy the double deck.. How much I pay for delivery, in argao.. And can you give discount if cash..thanks…

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  23. Jenny claveria


    Inig deliver ani, kami ray mo assemble? Or assemble na daan? And asa inyong office located?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  24. jacqueline

    can u install..and how much is the charge pod?

    • cac

      Assembly is already included in the price. Delivery is not yet included.

  25. lani

    how much would this double bunk bed if i want it with mattress? how much would u charge to liloan delivery? and would it be possible to view this in your shop? where is your nearest shop here at north? thanks

  26. Menzi

    Hi can u send the requirements for the installment thank u very much

    • cac

      1) Residence Certificate or Cedula
      2) Proof of Income
      3) Proof of Billing
      4) Co-maker / Guarantor
      5) Valid ID w/ Picture

  27. Lynette Mangubat

    Just want to ask if pwede ni installment? how much ang downpayment? terms? and what are the requirements.

    thank you!!

    • cac

      Installment terms and requirements have been sent to your email.

  28. j.bacarro sr.

    how much if i order this item & deliver to cagayan de oro city?

    • cac

      You have been communicating with Mr. Alex Go.

  29. Arnel Jabido


    I would like to know kung pwede bah installment ani na double deck bed and 0% bah zad then how much is the monthly payment?


    • Alex Go

      We can do 0% – good for 3 months on selected local credit cards only.

      The card holder should be physically present at our shop when his/her credit card is charged.

  30. celina


    Is this still available? do you offer zero interest on installment payments? thanks!

    • cac

      Mr. Alex Go sent you an email today – October 8, 2014.

  31. Chym


    What is the least expensive double deck bed you have including the mattress? Is it possible to order online and have it delivered? How much is the delivery charges if it’s not within the Cebu City area or South of Cebu?

    Thank you.


  32. Nerissa Fernandez

    pwedi ba monthly ang bayad…tapos iguli na nako ideliver?pano ba magorder?

    • cac

      Mr. Alex Go sent you an email but there is a problem with the email address you provided.

      “This account has been disabled or discontinued” mail delivery failure.

  33. charisa_mcginty

    may foam na ni?

    • cac

      Mattresses are not included.

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