Crowne Aire 3 hp inverter deluxe split wall type aircon -0.8 to 3 hp wide variable cooling capacity with Free Installation promo

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Variable Cooling Capacity from 8640kj/h to 27540 kj.h (0.8hp to 3 hp)- unit will adjust cooling efficiency
according to room size
COOLING INPUT POWER – 1890w (8000w to 2840w)
R410A – enviromentally friendly refrigerant
optimize cooling capacity for rooms from 6 sqm up to 38 sqm – depending on room insulation
conditions and location if direct hit on sunlight during day time.
Up to 60% Savings on your electrical bill as against Non Inverter Aircons
Wireless Remote Control, Timer, Air Swing
golden coated fins, for more protection against rust and improves cooling efficiency
Anti Bacterial Filter
Extra Large Digital Display on the indoor unit
Self Diagnostic during start up
Ultra Quiet Operation
EER: 15.1
Save php 10000 on installation charges alone (for Metro Cebu Proper only)
what composes of free installation promo
a) free 10 feet copper tubing with insulation
b) free 10 feet field wire
c) free indoor bracket
d) free outdoor bracket if needed
e) free 4 feet drain hose
what is not includeded
a) painting and finishing of crack walls
b) all electrical materials and installation from the main AC line
c) drain pipe system beyond the free drain hose
Warranty: one year parts and labor, 2 years “ALL IN WARRANTY” on the compressor,
the only brand with a “2 year ALL IN WARRANTY” on the compressor, while other brands may provide
5 year warranty on the compressor, watch out for the other charges on top of the free compressor,
these other charges alone will be very expensive.


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