Crowne Aire 0.6 HP Aircon w/ Remote



Crowne Aire 0.6 HP Window Airconditioner with Wireless Remote Control
Fast Cooling Efficient Compressor
5270 KJ Capacity
Cooling Area: 6 to 9 square meters
Full manual operation available, even if remote control is not used
Soft Touch Push Button Controls
Digital Display Indicators                                                                               New Anti Bacterial Filter
New Blue Fins for Rust Prevention
Free Decorative Frame
Power Consumption: 510 Watts

Dimensions: 12 (H) x 16 inches (W)


  1. Joan

    I want this, can you deliver me tomorrow?

    • cac

      We sent you an email. Please check.

  2. Louise Rae Bacalla

    may i know the size of this ac? and what days are you open during this ecq?

  3. Louise Rae Bacalla

    Can i have this delivered by april 29? Labangon cebu city

    • cac

      We sent you an email. Please check.

  4. arjay

    pede credit card for installment

    • cac

      We sent you an email. Please check.

  5. Harriette Mae Labrada

    Hi po! Ask lang po about the installment plan of this? And the requirements po? Just living here around cebu city :)

  6. Arnibie

    hi how much the installment plan for this? may i ask the requirements im working in a bpo…

    • cac

      We sent you an email. Please check.

  7. Ysmael

    Hi, can you send me the installment plan for this item? thank you

    • cac

      We sent you an email. Please check.

  8. mylen

    Hi mag install din po ba kayu, from cordova cebu here and how much total?

    • cac

      We sent you an email. Please check.

  9. Jade Mier

    Hi CebuAppliance,

    My name is Jade Mier. I purchased Crowne Aire Aircon Model CCR15AB last March 19, 2018 together with other appliances… a refrigerator, water dispenser and water heater. Since it will be up for installation we tried it for a couple of hours and unfortunately it doesn’t make the room any colder. It’s working, it turns on the remote works ok but it doesn’t blow much cold air. I still have the receipt here from our purchase last 19th of March. We want to talk to you about this.

    • cac

      Mr. Alex Go is looking into this. Please check your email.

  10. Jojo

    What is the power wattage consumption?

    • cac

      510 Watts

  11. andre

    room for 2, not an office but a bedroom. i asked coz i will replace my existing unit panasonic also .5 hp but without a remote control. wilk this info suffice ?

    • cac

      Installment Plans emailed.

      Installment Requirements:
      1) Residence Certificate or Cedula
      2) Proof of Income
      3) Proof of Billing
      4) Co-maker / Guarantor
      5) Valid ID w/ Picture

  12. Andre

    appreciate if you can provide please details of the installment basis for this unit for 1 year or 6 months. Thank you.

    • cac

      Please provide the area of the room to be airconditioned, number of people and number of computers (if any). This is very important because the room won’t be cooled down properly if the unit isn’t powerful enough.

      For room area, just length and width of the room is sufficient information.

  13. Fritz Abellana

    Hello just want to ask how much is the installment basis for this unit via credit card if this for 1 year or 6 months. thanks!

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  14. Rubin

    110 volt “0R” 220Volt? will it also go into a wall?

    • cac

      220 Volts – 60 HZ, which is Philippine standard. Unless stated otherwise, all our units are 220 Volts – 60 Hz.

      It’s a window-type aircon. Appropriate-sized hole in wall is required.

  15. claire

    hello,,just want to know if those items are brand new?
    and also would u mind to provide ure contact numbers??

  16. rasul

    gud pm sir/mam can you please email me prices for installment for this aircon unit? Thanks!

    • cac

      Installment plans emailed.

  17. jeanne

    Hi! Can you send me a quote for installment basis? And your requirements for purchase. Please include the sharp 0.5hp window type aircon as well.


    • cac

      We apologize for late reply. Mr. Alex Go was very busy. He has already emailed you installment plans for Crowne Aire 1/2 HP. He will email for Sharp 1/2 HP later.

  18. cris sanchez

    Hi, can you please email me prices for installment for this aircon unit? Thanks!

    • cac

      Please check your email. Mr. Alex Go sent you installment prices today – April 28, 2015 (Tuesday).

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