Panasonic 2 hp Aero Series Slim Design Premium split type inverter Airconditioner

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Panasonic new AERO Series
The AERO SLIM design features sleek
lines and graceful curves while the lustrous pearl finishing and chrome escutcheon exude a sense of luxury.

AEROWINGS with the Big Flap can direct and concentrate airflow to cool and area effectively. Two independent Flaps are able to cool with Direct Cooling and Indirect Cooling, giving you ultimate control over how cool air is enjoyed to create a living space of pure comfort.

Indirect Cooling / Shower Cooling
AEROWINGS angles upwards to spread cool air over a wider area, then showers down gently and evenly across the room after reaching the set temperature.

Indirect Cooling / Shower Cooling
The feeling that gently washes over you like a cool morning. Prevents overcooling from direct airflow.

How Shower Cooling works
① Cool air is directed upwards.
② Cool air spreads evenly and showers down.
③ Room is evenly cooled down.
Direct Cooling / Fast Cooling
AEROWINGS twin flaps angle downwards to deliver concentrated airflow to cool you instantly at start up.
iAUTO-X provides powerful instant cooling through the use of Panasonic Thermal Enhancement Technology (P-TECh) enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time from start up. This lets you enjoy more powerful cooling from the moment you switch on the air conditioner.

P-TECh – The Power Behind Fast Cooling

P-TECh enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time from start up, giving you powerful cooling the moment the air conditioner is switched on.

How Direct Cooling works
① Concentrated cool air is delivered straight to you.
② The steady airflow cools you down quickly.

For overall wellbeing, Panasonic Air Conditioners feature an advanced air purification system called nanoe-G, which releases active ions that attach to particles as small as PM2.5.

How nanoe-G works

Adhesive Deactivates bacteria and viruses, and inhibits mould growth on surfaces.

Airborne Removes PM2.5, bacteria, viruses and mould in the air.

In-filter Deactivation Deactivates bacteria and viruses trapped in the filter.

Effectiveness of nanoe-G

Several prominent research institutes have conducted laboratory tests that confirm excellent effects, such as “99% deactivation of adhesive bacteria and viruses” and “99% removal of airborne bacteria and viruses.”

How The Inverter Works

The Panasonic INVERTER air conditioner help you save energy while ensuring constant comfort by maintaining the set temperature through varies the compressor’s rotation speed to optimise cooling operations.

Constant Comfort
Precise temperature control with a wide power output range enables an INVERTER air conditioner to meet different room occupancy levels – thus ensuring constant comfort.

Precise Temperature Control
INVERTER prevents wasteful energy consumption by varying the compressor rotation speed to maintain the set temperature.

MODEL Indoor 60Hz CS-U18TKQ
Outdoor 60Hz CU-U18TKQ
Cooling Capacity (min-max) kw 5.20 (1.10-6.00)
kJ/h 18,720 (3,960-21,600)
EER (min-max) kJ/Hw 13.87 (13.66-12.86)
Voltage V 230
Electrical Data
A 6.2
Power Input (min-max)
W 1,350 (290-1,680)
Moisture Removal
L/h 2.9
(Pt/h) 6.1
Air Circulation Indoor m³/min (ft³/min) 20.4 (720)
Outdoor m³/min (ft³/min) 36.5 (1,290)
Noise Level Indoor (H / L / Q-Lo)
Db (A) 45/36/33
Outdoor (H) Db (A) 50
Dimensions Height mm 302 (619) Inch 11-29/32 (24-3/8) Width mm 1,120 (824) Inch 44-1/8 (32-15/32)
Depth mm 241 (299) Inch 9-1/2 (11-25/32)
Net Weight Indoor kg (lb) 12 (26)
Outdoor kg (lb) 34 (75) Refrigerant Pipe Diameter
Liquid Slide mm ø 6.35 Inch 1/4
Gas Slide mm ø 12.70 Inch 1/2
Pipe Extension Chargeless Pipe Length m 10
Maximum Pipe Length m 30
Maximum Elevation Length m 20
Additional Refrigerant Gas* g/m 15
Power Supply Outdoor


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