Panasonic 13.5 kg fully automatic top load inverter washing machine

36,999.00 32,995.00


Active Foam System
Intensive Stain Removal with Powerful Water Flow
Lifts Stains Away with fine foam
Inverter Intelligent Power Control Technology
Effortless Daily Washing even for large loads
Econavi – Intelligent Eco Sensors – Detects Water Temperature,
Wash Load Amount, Automatically Adjust operation to save
water, energy and time by eliminating waste
Powerful Water Flow

Intensive Multi-stains Removal
Removes multiple stains effortlessly by Dual Power Cascade and powerful water flow.
No more pre-care and hand wash for even stubborn stains.

Dual Power Cascade for More Powerful Water Flow
The advanced inverter motor control creates a more powerful water flow called Dual Power Cascade. This improves the foam water penetration effect and enhances washing performance for more efficient dirt removal.

Active Wave Pulsator for Powerful Scrub Wash Effect

Active Wave Pulsator with 8 wings creates powerful vertical water flow in the tub to repeatedly move clothes up and down for a scrub wash effect that removes stubborn hard stains.

Superior Benefits by Inverter
1. Improved Washing Performance: New Dual Power Cascade for bigger and stronger water flow
2. Tangle Care: Gentle washing reduces tangling with less water. After spinning, the pulsator rotates slowly to untangle clothes.
3. Energy Saving: 22% lower energy consumption than non-inverter models thanks to precise motor rotation.
4. Quiet Operation: 9% noise reduction to only 48dB with smooth motor rotation.

Effortless Daily Washing,
Even for Large Loads
Based on an ergonomic design, the control panel on Panasonic’s Easy Wide Opening washing machine has been moved to the rear. It‘s now extremely easy to operate and more comfortable to use even in large-capacity models.


StainMaster with Dual Power Cascade
Intensive multi-stains removal
ActiveFoam System
Lifts stains away with fine foam
Capacity 13.5kg / INVERTER
Fully automatic top-loading washing machine with INVERTER
Washing Machines Top Load Washer
Capacity 13.5 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)
640 x 679 x 1080 mm
Net weight 46 kg
Voltage / Frequency 230 V / 60 Hz
Control Panel Type Insert (Direct Pushing Button)
LED color Blue
ECONAVI (Cloth load & Water temp.) Yes
Inverter Yes (Mirror printing)
Color (Body) Silver (PCM)
Number of Programs 11 (Direct Pushing Button)
Normal Yes
Speedy Yes
Delicate Yes
Baby Care Yes
Water Save Yes
Comforter Yes
Soak Yes
Tub Hygiene Yes
Stain Master yes
1Sweat, 2Mud, 3Soya/Sauce: blue
Tangle Care Yes
Air Dry (90 min.) Yes
Auto Power Off Yes
Auto Re-start Yes
Digital Indicator Yes (2 digits Big size)
Delay Start Yes (2-24hours)
Remaining Time Indication Yes
Child Lock (With LED) Yes (amber)
Button sound
Melody sound
Big Lint Filter Yes (Big casette 1)
Motor Type Belt drive
Process setting button Yes
Washing Time Yes (3/6/9/12min.)
No. of Rinse Yes (1/2/3/Refill)
Spinning Time Yes (1/3/5/7min.)
Water Level setting Yes (10 levels / 4 LED)
WASH FEATURES ActiveFoam System Yes
Dual Power Cascade Yes (2pcs)
Dancing Water Flow Yes
Aqua Spin Rinse Yes


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