Panasonic 10.8 cuft 2 door No Frost Inverter Refrigerator

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Inverter Refrigerator ECONAVI NR-BL307

ECONAVI Detects and Cuts Excessive Cooling

The ECONAVI refrigerator monitors temperature in the room and the fridge’s internal temperature. It analyzes and responds to this information to maintain ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy.

Predicts daily life patterns, controls temperature inside refrigerator.

1. Room temperature sensor
2. Door sensor
3. Internal temperature sensor*
* Sensor is located inside the refrigerator

Storage Solution

1. Freezer Compartment
2. Icebox
3. Fresh Meat Box
4. Refrigerator Compartment
5. Adjustable Glass Tray
6. Foldable 1-2 Glass Tray
7. Tanto Tray
8. LED Lighting
9. Fresh Safe Vegetable Case

Bigger Freezer for More Items

The wide interior enables storage of a large quantity of ice and frozen items in large packages as they are.
There’s plenty of storage space so you can prepare dishes in advance and freeze them for later, a real convenience when you’re too busy to cook all the time.

Movable and Removable Icebox

Can be freely moved around depending on the placement of stored food for greater ease of use.

Foldable 1-2 Glass Tray

The tray may be adjusted to fit food and beverage sizes,
fine-tuning storage capacity for the occasion.
Adjustable tray depth allows space to be used efficiently and without waste.

Tanto Tray

The layout is designed so that specific foods can be pulled out quickly. It is also ideal for storing bottles and fruit that tend to roll around. The shape also prevents round vegetables from rolling around and falling out.

Adjustable Glass Trays

Trays can be lowered or raised for more efficient storage and convenience.

Maintenance-Free LED Lighting

Long-life LED lighting requires little or no maintenance. With foods brightly lit for clear visibility, everything is easy to pull out and tough to forget using.

High humidity allows extended fresh and hygienic storage of vegetables, preventing leaves from shriveling and veggies from drying out.

*Test conditions (based on BK345) : Ambient
temperature: 25°C, Temp Control: 2, Full load in vegetable compartment, One day after loading vegetables, Panasonic in-house test data(Depending on the condition and amount of vegetables, moisture levels may vary.)

Anti-Bacterial and Deodorizing

Chilled air circulates via the Ag Clean Filter throughout the refrigerator, curbing bacterial growth and deodorizing. The inside remains spick and-span, keeping raw smells such as fish from transferring to other foods.

* Certifed by Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation Laboratories.
Test report number:
* •Staphylococcus aureus
•Escherichia coli

Fresh Meat Box with a Lid

Featuring a cover, this is ideal for storing delicate foods and items with strong odors that you don’t want to mix with other foodstuffs.

60 Years of Tradition

Panasonic refrigerators embody the essence of Japanese manufacturing.
Since 1953, eighty million Panasonic refrigerators have been sold in Japan and around the world. To ensure the long and loving support of our customers, we have carried on the steadfast pursuit of easy use and high quality throughout this long history.

Uncompromisingly Rigorous Testing

Our mission is to furnish refrigerators that are easy to use, tough to break, and which provide long and loyal use.
Toward that end, we are uncompromising in our quality control testing of the technologies that we have cultivated over more than six decades.

267.0 L Capacity
46 kgWeight
600 x 611 x 1585 mm

Inverter Refrigerator ECONAVI NR-BL307P

SPECIFICATIONSGross Capacity (PNS1477:1996(ISO8561 published 1995))Total267.0 L
Refrigerator Compartment ( PC )192.0 L
Freezer Compartment ( FC )75.0 L
Storage Capacity (PNS1477:1996(ISO8561 published 1995))Total263.0 L
Refrigerator Compartment ( PC )129.0 L
Freezer Compartment ( FC )71.0 L
Product Dimensions (WxDxH)600 x 611 x 1585 mm
Defrost TypeElectric PCB Control
Net Weight46 kg
Voltage220V – 240V (Label)
Hertz50 Hz
Number of Doors2
Door colorStainless Color
Vegetable Case“Freshsafe” High humidity
Chilled CaseYes
Free Rack (Door Shelf)Yes
LED Room LightYes
Color of Inner Plastic PartsHigh Clear Gray Smoke
Adjustable TrayYes
Tempered Glass TrayYes
1・2 Tempered Glass TrayYes
Tanto TrayYes
Twin Ice TraysYes
Ice BoxYes
Adjustable Tray in FreezerYes
OTHERSTop TableYes
Energy SavingYes
Ag CleanYes
N&S type Bio deodorizerYes
Ag Anti BacteriaYes


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