Karavision DVD Midi Player with over 13000 songs

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Karavision K-12 karaoke dvd player

comes with songbook and over 13000 songs, can also play

DVD, Mp3, VCD, Audio CE

Adjustable echo, tempo mic, mic volume, music volume, melody volume, key/pitch

scoring funtion

2 microphone input

full function remote control


  1. Jayruferez

    Do you have a branch her n Bohol?

    • cac

      No branch in Bohol.

      – The email address you provided is invalid.
      550 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.

  2. Dabi

    Hi..I want an affordable karaoke set up as a gift to my father but financially limited. Are you accepting credit cards through installment basis?

    • cac

      Thank you for your interest. Please email us the following information so we can prepare a comprehensive answer.
      – credit card brand (Mastercard? Visa? JCB?)
      – name of bank which issued you your credit card

  3. john kenneth benolirao


    • cac

      If you purchased your unit from us, please bring it to our main downtown branch, with the store receipt.

      If you purchased from other store, please ask them for assistance.

      The email you provided is invalid:
      The response from the remote server was:
      550 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.

  4. rosy

    can u put a dvd tape as well to watch a film in this item?

    please do reply i’m interested with 3 items in your shop..

    • cac

      Can play movie dvds (not tapes).

  5. Rosy

    Is this available?

    • cac

      Available at downtown main branch. For other branches, please inquire first.

  6. john

    hi id like to ask a price of sakura amps 500w and karavision. misamis oriental area.

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  7. Jungoy

    How much is the latest/updated DISC only? Can you send a list of newly added songs?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  8. Patrick

    Is the product still available? How can inupdate the songs to the latest one. Please contact me i’m interested to buy.

    • cac

      Please clarify. Do you want to purchase the player or the update disc?

  9. rene

    hi,good to ask if this karavision k-12 karaoke player still available?

    • cac

      In stock at our main downtown branch. If other branches, please ask us first.

  10. Terrence


    Good day! May I ask if there is a free mic on your unit? and if its songs are up to date (2016)? Kindly indicate on your email your address and contact number here in cebu. Many thanks

  11. Banjo Colipano

    Hi, may i know if karavision dvd have an updated tape and where the office or authorized store in davao. Tnk u

    • cac

      Our units are up-to-date. I am sorry. We do (not) know where you can find this item in Davao.

      The email address you provided is invalid.
      The error that the other server returned was:
      554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a account

  12. Bryan

    What are the songs available? Is the product currently available?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  13. karen a. dosdos

    I am interested in this item. Is this a cash basis? I am in DAvao , is it possible for me to order this? Thank you.

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  14. Ladz

    Still available?

    • cac

      Right now, 1 unit left at downtown main branch. For other branches, please inquire first.

  15. p. aranas

    I am a filipino but i am presently residing in the usa and i am inquiring if i can purchase the latest karavision vcd/cd from your store. Let me know if this is possible. Thanks.

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  16. ainzferd abadiano

    good day, ask lng po if updated po ba ung mga songs nito? or khit ung mga 2014 songs ok na.

    • cac

      I am sorry. No stock right now.

  17. Roselle Quino

    Hi,i would to ask were is the ofc of karavision here in cebu?i would like to buy a remote control ang the new updated cd songs…

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  18. Lester

    is it possible to get an updated or latest disc for this karavision?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  19. krizza

    Can we update or buy a cd in one of your branches?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  20. rj

    whre i can find ur store , sir/ma’am?..

  21. Rhea Olofernes

    Is this second hand? Or brand new? ..all product here are brand new?

    • cac

      Unless stated otherwise, all items listed in this site is BRAND NEW.

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