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UPPER – 36″ X 75″
LOWER – 36″ X 75″

mattress included, but does not include bed sheet or bed cover
36 x 75 x 4 inches thick


  1. Reynante

    Hello! Is this the actual picture? Kasya na duha ka taw sa ubos and duha ka taw sa taas?

    • cac

      UPPER – 36″ X 75″
      LOWER – 36″ X 75″

      Both levels are single bed dimensions.

  2. Menchu Montebon


    I would like to check the installment plan procedure.
    I’m an OFW and would like to know how it works.

    Thank you.

    • cac

      – To proceed, we need the following info:
      – Who will use the item?
      – What is their relation to you?
      – Where do they live?

      – We also sent you an email. Please reply to our email with this info.

  3. Liezyl Gaviola

    Hi I’m interested about the installment plan.
    Name: Liezyl Gaviola
    Address: Binabag Compostela Cebu
    Company: Executive Boutique
    Address: 12/F Skyrise 2, IT Park Lahug Cebu City
    Position: Customer Service Representative

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  4. Roselle

    Hi please let me have the details about the installment plan..and the requirement..thank you

    • cac

      Installment Plans have limited availability. Please email us the following information:
      – your home address
      – your work address; please include position and employer

  5. NS

    Hi, please let me know about the installment plan please.

    Thank you

    • cac

      Installment Plans emailed.

  6. Mayline

    Hi how much is the double dew foam mattress that goes to this double deck frame?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  7. Apas Laila

    Hi sir/ madam is this still availabe for installment?

    • cac

      We tried to email you the installment plans but the email address you provided is invalid.

  8. nina

    is this available for installment..please reply to my email.


    • cac

      Mr. Alex Go has replied to your email. Available for installment payment plan.

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