Crowne-Aire 1.5 HP Portable Aircon w/ Remote Control


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Crowne-Aire 1.5 HP Portable Aircon
Cooling Area:  24 square meters
This is a real aircon unit.  Not an air cooler. No water, no ice needed.
Wireless Remote Control


Mobile Air-conditioner

Model: PAB37FB
Type of waterproof: IP20
Electric shock protection class: I
Rated volt: 208V/230V~
Rated frequency: 60Hz
Cooling capacity: 12600 Kilojoule/Hour
Cooling capacity (btu/h): 11942 BTU/Hour
Cooling power input: 1458W
Cooling current input: 6.34A
Indoor discharge air-flow: ≥480m³/h
Rated power input: 1550W
Rated current input: 7.55A
Unit noise ≤58dB(A)
Refrigerant R22/640g
HP. PS: 3.9MPa
LP. PS: 1.0MPa
Weight: 39kg


One year parts & labor.
Two years warranty on the compressor.


  1. Johanna Sanchez

    Is this still available? PLease send me an email..thanks!

  2. fime saldivar

    Hi, could you please let me know if you have a stock in this unit? I’m in Cordova Cebu. This item still available? I also wanted to know if financial installment is available. Could you also send me a specs through email pls. Thank you very much! I appreciate it.HOW MANY BTU?

    • cac

      – In stock at downtown main branch. Map @:
      – For other branches, please inquire first.

      – Installment Plans have limited availability. Please email us the following information:
      – your work address; please include position and employer

      – Specs are on the product page.

      Cooling capacity (btu/h): 11942 BTU/Hour

  3. fime saldivar

    hello Sir,
    Do you have block color on this model? I planning to buy for Cordova cebu.

    • cac

      – No black color.

  4. Erik Mahidlawon

    Good day, naa pamo available unit ani? Atleast 2? Pls email me asap…

  5. chay juarez

    if remitance lang ako madawat every m0nth? di pwd maka avail ug instalment?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  6. Henry

    How to purchase if the buyer is not in Phils and to be installed in Cebu City? Is there any online payment options? And what are the requirements? Thanks!

    • cac

      We can accept online credit card payments through Paypal. Officially-issued ID of card holder is required.

  7. j

    my question is as follows
    electricity consumptions in 8 hrs use
    naa ba syay init na hangin mogawas ug asa man padong
    asa man ang water mogawas ani

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  8. dong

    hi.could you please let me know if u have stocks of this unit?
    im in lapu2x i can see u have branch nearby (maguikay, mandaue).
    could you also send me specs through email pls?

    also, do you have installment plans (without credit card)?


    • cac

      Installment Plans and specs emailed. Specs are also listed on the product page.

      Installment Requirements:
      1) Residence Certificate or Cedula
      2) Proof of Income
      3) Proof of Billing
      4) Co-maker / Guarantor
      5) Valid ID w/ Picture

      Currently in stock at our Mandaue Branch, but please still call them before visiting. If out of stock, you can still apply for installment plan at Mandaue and stock will be transferred over from our main branch.

  9. Luther

    Pila ang last price? Pwede e zero interest credit card?

    • cac

      Price (above) is available for 0% interest (3 months) with the following locally issued credit cards. Metrobank, BPI, RCBC, PSB, East West, Equicom.

  10. Alan

    Mr. Cebu appliance: naa ni mo gawas nga init nga hangin ? Unsaon pag pagawas sa init, deli ba lisod pag set up if so deli ba dako og samok sa pag balhin then ang tubig nga tulo unsaon deli ba samok just want to be sure malata ang salog salamat

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  11. emily

    pwede mangayo og specifications ani? pls. include warranty period. if it will be shipped to leyte, will you arrange the delivery till the port? thanks.

    • cac

      Specs and warranty info have been added. For your other questions, please check your email.

  12. glenn

    Hi good noon What is the specs of this unit?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

  13. jephanneh

    avalaiable pa ni nga unit sa inyo manduae branch dapit pacific mall?

    • cac

      We apologize for the very late reply. Our online staff (excluding Mr. Alex Go & Mr. Andy Go) got hit with food poisoning last week.

      Please check your email.

  14. Luciano Toti


    Where is exactly your shop,so I can visit you and sehe the mobile portable aircon.


  15. Jacque


    Do you deliver to Lapu-lapu area? Do u give discounts if I will get 2 of this?

    • cac

      Please check your email.

      We deliver to Lapu-Lapu.

  16. Gloria

    in case I send someone to take a look at it …

    • cac

      We do not think it’s noisy but that may be a matter of personal opinion. The only (really) silent airconditioner type is split-type, and that’s because the compressor is in the outdoor unit.

      As of May 2, 2015 (4pm), there is one unit of Crowne 1.5 hp portable aircon with wireless remote control in stock at our Talisay branch.
      Please call our branch (to check inventory) before heading over there.

  17. Gloria

    unsa man ni siya dili ba saba or loud kon naka parents live in Mansueto subd. Bulacao Talisay ..and do you have a sample in your branch in Talisay ..

  18. fel

    can it be plug in directly to existing wall outlet or it needs to have a separate electric wiring? considering the 1.5 hp capacity is little bit high.

    • cac

      This item is an actual airconditioner, not just an air cooler. So the electrical outlet has to be able to handle a 1.5 HP airconditioner.

  19. Regelyn

    Pwde ba to må move, i mean ung may gulong?how much for delivery in bais city Negros Oriental

    • cac

      It is movable. Has wheels. We included delivery costs in our reply to your email.

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